Wood has historically been the choice material for crafting furniture.

The industrial revolution changed things for wooden furniture, though. Alternative materials, cheaper to mass-produce than wood, like steel, plastic, and aluminum were introduced to the market. However through the years, even as its production declined, wooden furniture has only grown in prominence. 

There was something timeless about furniture made from wood. An aesthetic that has retained its relevance from the age of Pharaohs through the present day.

And this timelessness is what our company is focused on. Our product is a fruit of the passion, experience, and knowledge passed through the years.

High-Quality Solid Wood Furniture

One of our most important assets is the huge amount of raw material. We possess 30000 m3 of oak timber that is well distinguished in appearance and quality.

Solid Oak is a noble essence, durable and elegant, aging very gracefully and sought-after for its majestic look and natural grain. While other sorts of wood are susceptible to damage from moisture, quickly peeling and chipping, solid wood furniture is strong enough to easily satisfy all applications, and it can last for centuries. It can possibly end up being gifted from one generation to another. What a beautiful thought, isn’t it?

Technology & Craftsmanship

Our investment in the best and newest technology helps us create pieces that offer value for their durability and exceptional quality. 

The use of solid wood furniture is a clear sign that one is sophisticated and values quality – since the material is associated with fine craftsmanship. 

Solid wood is malleable in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. There’s a reason woodcarving has been around since the dawn of man. Wood is nature’s painting. A creative endeavor unrivaled by man-made materials. A metal desk can never have the same kind of unique character as a wooden one. Each piece we make will be somehow unique to anything else in the world.


Solid wood is a material that allows customization and the possibilities are infinite.
It only needs a bit of creativity, and in the right hands, it can become a masterpiece. Creativity – that is you. The right hands – that is us.

Our highly qualified and passionate team of around 100 employees is responsive and adaptable to your requests. We are always prepared to meet your needs and demands through professionalism and the highest quality products.

In our 25 years of experience, we have worked with furniture selling companies in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. We are very much aware that each market has its own characteristics, style, and customer tastes. 

This is why we have been sharing our love for solid wood furniture with an open mind and open heart. Anything you wish, any style you want: we can make it happen.

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