The city of Reghin lies in the heart of Transylvania, extending on both shores of the river Mureș. Reghin has known over time an economic development thanks to the existing resources in this beautiful area. The place of honor was held by wood, the raw material on which the city has built its development.

In the second part of the 19th century, Reghin became one of the most important centers of the Transylvanian wood industry. Over the years this industry has turned into an important tradition, covering not only the process of cutting timber but also woodworking: making furniture, sport and musical instruments - the violins made here are quite famous, boats, etc.

Remex was founded as a family business in 1995. Our love for the city and its woodworking traditions convinced us, despite all the hardship in those times, that it was time to make some changes to the existing wood manufacturing plant. So we purchased its furniture production part, made the necessary technological upgrades through the acquisition of modern equipment, and continued the already existing export relationship with Germany.

Since then, our horizon has broadened, as we began manufacturing solid oak furniture to other western countries also, such as France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK.

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